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Go on, we dare you. Get our cyber threat intelligence-based threat blocker plugin and you’ll see just how much bad stuff your current cloud firewall or security plugin is letting through to your site. Learn more now.

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Stop Cybercrime Before it Hits Your WordPress Website.

Today, your website is your business.

Get our threat blocker plugin and automatically stop harmful visitors from hitting your site – and affecting your bottom line – with things like malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnets.

Our plugin is built on Musubu’s powerful cyber threat intelligence APIs. We collect, score, and type cyber threats by IP address to build you a “WordPress Application Firewall.”

Good traffic gets in, bad guys stay out.

How Can Malicious Traffic Hurt You?

How Does The Plugin Work?

We Score All Visitors

Our plugin uses our Musubu API to dynamically check each IP address that hits your site. Our algorithms and data analysis modules determine if each is a cyber threat, what kind of threat it is, and where it’s coming from.

We Block Bad Traffic

Based on the Threat Score, Threat Type and/or Country of Origin, our plugin blocks traffic that meets certain automatic or manual thresholds from reaching your site. We call it our “WordPress Application Firewall,” or WAF.

You Have Control

You can set our plugin to automatically block traffic that Musubu sees as malicious. That means IP addresses that score higher than 80 out of 100 on our Threat Score range. You can always unblock IPs that you want to allow into your site. Or, you can opt into manual mode and choose what criteria for which to deny access.

Your Site is Safer

Head off connections that lead to “business-killing” things like data breach, phishing, and malware infection before they get inside your walls, and you’ll avoid things like damaged reputation, lost revenue, theft, and costly litigation.

What Are Our Plugin Features?

Powerful Threat Scoring

We collect IP and network threat info 24/7 and then automatically analyze it and score each address from 0-100 (Low to High) as well as show you what type of threat it is (e.g. Ransomware or Botnet).

Real-Time Blocking

We catch incoming traffic to your site and instantly evaluate it for blocking against the Musubu Cyber Threat API algorithms.

Automatic or Manual Mode

“Set it and forget it” to let Musubu’s scoring block any IP with a high Threat Score. Switch to manual to set your own thresholds to block IPs by score, threat type (e.g. Malware or Phishing) or country of origin.

Country Blocking (GDPR)

Use the plugin in manual mode to block incoming connections originating from countries you don’t want hitting your site.

HINT: It’s great for GDPR protections too!

IP Drill-In Details

Want to see more data about a blocked IP address than just its Threat Score, Threat Type, and Country? Click on the More Info link for each IP in the Blocked IP Addresses table to get in-depth data from our free MusubuApp.

Simple to Use

Our plugin is everything you need to block suspicious traffic, nothing you don’t. No cybersecurity knowledge expected or required! Just install and activate!

How Do You Use The Plugin?

  • Get our plugin, Base or Pro, here.
  • Install into your WordPress instance.
  • Apply the API key we send you via email.
  • Set in Automatic or Manual mode.
  • Enjoy your safer site!

Why Choose Musubu?

IP and network threat intelligence are all we do at Musubu. Our APIs, web applications and 3rd party plugins are built on decades of experience doing cybersecurity for governments, U.S. intelligence community, and commercial customers.

Our unique and powerful threat data scoring lets us build apps and plugins to protect just about anything you use on the internet.

 Compare Plugins

You’ve got a business or project, and a website to show it off! Protect it against threats before they find your site with IP Threat Blocker, the leader in hostile IP address protection!

 IP Threat BlockerNinja FirewallWordFenceShield SecurityIP2Location Country BlockerLion Scripts
Choice of Automatic/Manual BlockingYesNoNoNoNoNo
Brute Force AttacksYesYesYesYesNoYes
Country BlockingYesOnly on premiumYesNoYesYes
IP Data DrilldownYesNoNoNoNoNo
IP Threat ScoringYesYesNoNoNoNo
Simple to Use?YesNoNoNoNoNo

 Plugin Pricing

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